From concept analysis to market production

Step-by-Step to success!

Good emergency care in all hazardous situations requires solution-oriented strategies. Innovative concepts that are implemented in a targeted and effective manner are the keys to successful civil protection and disaster management.

TacPharm is an expert network of experienced physicians, pharmacists, engineers, business development and regulatory affairs managers and competent partner from concept analysis to market production.

With many years of experience in the medical technology sector combined with the expertise of our consultants, we are an all-in-one service provider. There are numerous ideas for products and applications that are tailored to specific situations and needs. How do you proceed with the individual steps? How can a cost-effective, efficient and
rapid market launch be realized?

TacPharm is ready to support you on this path with comprehensive expertise.

Concept phase > Solution > Prototype > Regulatory Affairs > Commercial Product

Based on your specifications, we analyze the feasibility of the concept and develop a solution-oriented strategy. TacPharm is a highly specialized service provider for medical devices and procedures in the fields of tactical medicine, emergency medicine, rescue services and civil protection and thus knows all the necessary requirements.

Concept Phase

On the basis of application analysis, rescue and disaster control plans, national and European guidelines (e.g. Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Tactical Rescue and Emergency Medicine Association (TREMA)), we develop the optimal master plan — tailored to your requirements.

From prototype to finished product

With know-how, we are at your side right from the start

Our services:

  • Incoming goods inspections
  • Certification of raw materials
  • Utility model protection
  • Patents
  • Construction and production engineering
  • Application studies
  • Normative testing, documentation and approval
  • Adaption to different classes
  • Traceability assurance
  • Scale-up
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Expert opinions and certificate tests (marketability tests of imported goods, labeling and praise of medical devices)

We offer you:

  • crisis-proof production sites,
  • secure supply chain management and
  • an extensive distribution network.

As a full-service specialist, we take care of all quality inspections, certifications, and audits for you.

Vom Prototyp zum Serienprodukt