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Innovationen in taktischer Medizin. Kreative Produktentwicklung für die Health-Care-Industrie.



Custom product development

Dangerous situations, accidents, crime, increased fighting in crisis areas up to natural disasters and pandemics are threats that habe to be countered in a targeted manner. TacPharm stands for successful civil and disaster protection.

Civil protection and patient care under difficult conditions are extreme challenges. TacPharm develops products and methods for military (TCCC) and law enforcement action in hazardous situations, for emergency services, relief organizations, authorities, and fire departments.

We act exactly where it matters.


TacPharm supports you in the development of your product idea — from the concept phase to prototype construction to manufacturing, regulatory affairs compliance and certification.

We provide comprehensive consulting services through our highly qualified team and interdisciplinary network of experts. For an innovative concept idea and the decisive leap into a marketable product.

Concept idea solution > Prototype > Regulatory Affairs > Commercial Product

Products and product ideas

Are you looking for a solution or a way to further develop tactical and emergency medicine? Or are you facing a difficult problem? Are you in need of expertise?

We are your partner! TacPharm, with its many years of expertise, sees itself as a provider of ideas and concept developers. We support you in project implementation in terms of development and manufacturing as well as in the regulatory, normative area.

TacPharm GmbH - Produktentwicklung

Our expertise in the product development phase (OEM manufacturing of medical devices)

  • qualified resource procurement and planning, testing and auditing of suppliers (supply chain management)
  • analysis and documentation of the production flow
  • prototyping, small series production and scale-up
  • quality assurance, auditing
  • traceability assurance

Examples for solutions in tactical medicine, emergency and rescue medicine and civil protection:

  • First aid
  • wound treatment (blast, bite, laceration)
  • Hemorrhage control
  • Respiratory and Circulatory management
  • Respiratory aid and ventilators
  • Heat preservation
  • Immobilization
  • Auxiliary means for transport of blood reserves, vaccines, temperature-sensitive medicines
  • Protective equipment when handling hazardous chemicals, gases
  • Protective equipment during epidemics and pandemics
  • Thoracic injury treatment
  • Bite injuries from poisonous animals (scorpions, snakes, spiders, ect.)

and much more.